Fun and Fancy Free in Laredo

Located in the Southern part of the state, Laredo, Texas, is a wonderful place for visitors and residents alike! 

This colorful, tastefully-proud city boasts some true hidden gems when it comes to things to see and do. As the only city in Texas to fly SEVEN flags instead of six (the reason being Laredo’s former identity as the Republic of the Rio Grande), Laredo serves as a great way to get a taste of true Texan country life. From deliciously authentic Mexican food to a plethora of different museums, parks, and wildlife, Laredo can stand tall with any other Texan city as it celebrates its wondrous heritage. 

And that’s no exception when it comes to Laredo’s very own Imaginarium of South Texas! This excellent children’s museum is one of Laredo’s prime family attractions, full of engaging, enjoyable family experiences that everyone can enjoy! At the Imaginarium, guests can partake in activities from crafts to storytelling to different areas to climb and explore! It’s the perfect spot for Laredo residents with children as well as an educational experience for folks who want their youngsters to make the most of their time outside of tablets and video games! 

You’ll find that getting around Laredo is pretty easy. It’s a relatively small Texas city and moving through it involves less traffic than you’d see in cities like Houston or Dallas. If you’re a resident at Dorel Laredo Apartments, for example, getting to the Imaginarium would take less than fifteen minutes across town. The same can be said for places like Carmel Apartments on the opposite side of town, taking even less time with a ten-minute drive. Whether you’re in north or south Laredo, moving from place to place is no strain at all! 

Personally, I quite like Laredo. It’s a less renowned Texas city but it still deserves its place in the sun as a great spot for travel and living. Check it out and see for yourself!


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Dec 10